Basal Cell Carcinoma??

Any posts on basal cell carcinoma?


Indeed, one lesion has been in situ for 30 years – can it just be left alone?

David Ponsonby

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Since 30 years I treat the Basal Cell Carcinoma only with
ECT , Elektro Cancer Therapy. Positive Results: 100%.
You can find pictures in:

Dietmar Koehler Germany

Verified Answered on October 13, 2019.
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Curaderm BEC topically is over 95% effective in eradicating these lesions and Cancer stage 1 and 2. Also Stage 1 and 2 Squamous call Carcinoma, all actinic keartosis and most Verucca. It is NOT effective against Melanoma. NO ONE should go to the Dermatologist and get cut, burned, frozen, scared and scraped for a huge amount of $. Put the cream on it 1-2x per day, if it is not gone (less than 5% chance) in less than 3 months (I have seen it take 2-4 weeks in most cases), then go see the Dermaologist. What is criminal is that they should tell the patient this also, but they don’t for $$$. Patients are being harmed by Dermatologist every day for these lesions. Criminal!


Robert Thompson, M.D.

Verified Answered on October 13, 2019.
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