Occular Migraines

Does anyone have insight on the causes of occular migraines? treatment suggestions also welcomed.

Thank you!

Diane Black

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I can’t give you a precise answer but here’s a clue.  I recently had surgery to repair a bad mitral valve (severe mitral regurgitation).  There’s a Facebook group Mitral Valve Repair Patients Group to which I  belong, and I can tell you that we talk incessantly about how frequently we get ocular migraines after mitral valve repair surgery.  It’s a very consistent phenomenon.  It tends to calm down and eventually go away with time in most but not all patients – some have them frequently for years and it can become a real problem.  Everyone can trace onset to the surgery. 

I personally had perhaps 2 ocular migraines a year prior to surgery (started maybe 5 years ago so could coincide with the mitral regurgitation worsening), then after surgery I got them daily for about a week.  Now I’m getting them perhaps weekly or so (surgery was just 7 weeks ago).

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In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the eye is related to Gan (liver) meridian. Gan flare (liver fire flared up) leads to occular pain, migraine and headaches etc.
“Long Dan Xie Gan Tang” is the herbal formula to cure.

You can find that product in the above link. I usually prescibe 24g in 4oz of hot water once per day, for 5-7 days for good and immediate effect. The taste is bitter and and can use some honey to make it taste better.
Dr. Andy Yuen, BDS, ND, PhD.


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Hi Diane,


There are numerous studies reporting that PEMF therapy can reduce migraines…..but no studies specifically on ocular migraines.


Treatment of migraine with pulsing electromagnetic fields: a double-blind, placebo-controlled study.



I marked a PEMF therapy named BEMER which stands for Bio-Electro-Magnetic Energy Regulation

Feel free to contract me for more info…..


Ross   (541) 601-1492   https://naturalpharmacist.net


The following video shows the dramatic increase in micro-capillary blood flow after just one 8-minute Bemer session. Click on the link below; scroll down to the green side-by-side images and click on the arrow to start


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