Reversing chronic hypertensive kidney disease

My patient is a 65 year old male with rising creatinine/BUN over the past 2 years due to uncontrolled hypertension. Multiple BP medications, including the recommended ACE inhibitors and ARB’s, did not control his blood pressure. BP was finally controlled about 10 months ago using a selective beta blocker as well as Mukta Vati (Ayurvedic herb).  Initially his creatinine dropped from 2.75 to 2.4 but has started rising again, despite good BP control. We had also been cautiously using low dose chelation, initially with reduction of creatinine but has not tolerated the IV well and creatinine went back up when stopped for a few weeks. Glucose (A1C), electrolytes, potassium, magnesium are normal, slightly anemic with low platelets (see below), but phosphorus is slightly elevated.  Uric acid was elevated at one point, which resolved on allopurinol then switched to Tart Cherry. Patient has consulted a naturopathic physician with specialty in kidney disorders ( and has somewhat modified diet and  on supplements including rehmannia, horney goat weed, resveratrol, Salvia militorrhyzziae, curcumin and ashwaganda.

Other issues include:

  1. hypothyroidism and low testosterone (corrected),
  2. positive for genetic coagulopathy: PAI-1 with history of pulmonary embolism 25 years ago and multiple DVTs. Chronically elevated D Dimer (currently down to 3.1) as well as other coagulation factors despite continuous enoxaparin SQ and natto-serrizyme/ Neprinol AFD.
  3. Positive on DNA Sequencing (Fry Lab) for fungal infection in blood: Funneliformis mossea. On antifungals and antibiotics per protocol since November with some clinical improvement in fatigue on doxycycline and itraconazole (currently taking).

Patient does not want to see conventional nephrologist. Any suggestions will be greatly  appreciated.

Robban Sica, MD

Westport, CT

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For kidney support in general:  algae; probiotics; vits. D3 & K2, CoQ10, taurine, galactose, urado oil, aloe, nettle, nettle seed, schisandra; cranberry; infrared. AVOID glyphosate, meat/protein, & cow dairy.

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Has renal artery stenosis been ruled out? With uncontrolled hypertension and elevated creatinine I have found that to be an issue. Your patient may not want to see a conventional nephrologist but perhaps he needs to be advised that integrating some traditional approaches could save his life. If he has severe atherosclerosis angioplasty and a stent could be a lifesaver and ultimately prevent his having a stroke.

Madhuri Marelli

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For your 65 yo man with rising creatinine/BUN, a heavy metal challenge test of his urine AND HIS STOOL may be instructive. The challenging agents might be a combination of DMPS, DMSA & lower-dose calcium-EDTA. If he has now, or has had in the past, mercury amalgams in his teeth, that is a likely cause of kidney injury. Boyd Haley’s NBMI (Emeramed) is the best mercury binder for such a patient AFTER all amalgams are removed from the teeth. Infrared sauna can lower the toxin load in the kidneys as well. Most of the patients with kidney dysfunction need to reduce animal sources of protein and take digestive enzymes with each protein-containing meal. On an emotional level, kidney disease is associated with fear (usually SUB-conscious and often from emotions the patient picks up in the womb from mom &/or dad). Trapped emotions, in my experience, cause the trapping of physical toxins in the corresponding organ (fear trapped in the kidneys, adrenals, testes & prostate; anger trapped in the gall bladder, bile ducts & liver; sadness trapped in the colon, etc.). So, resolving the subconscious emotions with Evox, Emotion Code, Recall Healing, etc. can cause a dumping of physical toxins and a resulting improvement in physical condition. By the way, the emotional conflict of hypertension is “feeling under pressure to do something or to NOT do something”. Laser Energetic Detox can help get toxins out quickly and fairly safely, if done properly. Uric acid elevation is often caused by fungal overgrowth in the gut &/or paranasal sinuses. Some of the mycotoxins are very damaging to the kidneys. It is important to make sure there are no mold/fungi in his home or working environment. Many of the fungi are rapidly developing resistance to the pharmaceutical mono-therapies like itraconazole & often resolve faster with herbal antifungals, as long as the patient is on a diet devoid of sugars (including no maple syrup, agave, honey, etc.), grains, starches, fruit/fruit juices, alcoholic beverages & vinegar products. Once the fungi, toxins, related emotions, etc. are reduced, then the kidney disease may resolve spontaneously, but if not, exosomes could be given IV to speed the kidney recovery.
Lee Cowden, MD

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Consider using progesterone.  Dr. Michael Platt wrote a book “Adrenaline” and points out that progesterone is the natural balancer of adrenaline.  Most of the drugs prescribed for hypertension are schemes to diminish the impact of adrenaline.


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Hello Dr. Sica,


My two recommendations are highly absorbable/crystal-free CoQ10 and Bemer sessions, which dramatically increase microvascular circulation, especially to the micro-capillaries in the kidneys.


COENZYME Q10:  The best natural agent/therapy to lower elevated blood pressure is coenzyme Q10. Here is my blog post reporting on this:


However, there are some important issues to consider when choosing a CoQ10 product.


Poor Absorption: Most CoQ10 products have horrible rates of absorption, literally only 1-2%. This is due to the fact that the melting point of CoQ10 is 10 degrees above body temperature. Thus, CoQ10 is crystallized in most products. We CAN NOT absorb crystals. We can only absorb single molecules. In most commercial CoQ10 products which are in oil, the CoQ10 is crystallized in the capsules or it crystalizes when it enters the body.

Pharma Nord of Denmark has developed a proprietary process that keeps CoQ10 in solution and allows for much greater absorption. Published absorption studies have documented Pharma Nord’s superior absorption when compared to other brands. Most of the CoQ10 clinical trials over the past 30 years have used Pharma Nord’s CoQ10. There have been 78 human clinical trials, 25 of which were the gold standard randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study design.

Ubiquinone vs Ubiquinol: There is there is a lot of confusion and misinformation regarding which form of CoQ10 is best. Some companies claim the ubiquinol form of CoQ10 is better absorbed. Actually, when ubiquinol is ingested, it immediately gets oxidized (converted) to ubiquinone in the gut. Thus, many people are wasting money purchasing the more expensive ubiquinol, which quickly gets converted to ubiquinone when it is ingested.


I “brand” myself as The Natural Pharmacist and Pharma Nord has agreed to provide a 20% discount to readers of my Natural Pharmacist newsletter. Here is the information on how to order Pharma Nord’s CoQ10 using code NPQ10 for 20% discount:


Bio-Quinone 100 mg comes in boxes of #60 soft gel caps ($53.95) and #150 ($109.95)

To order Pharma Nord’s Bio-Quinone CoQ10 Gold, go to:

In the box for Promotional Code enter:  NPQ10 and you will get a 20% discount.

BEMER: Bemer is an FDA-approved Class 1 medical device that dramatically increases microvascular circulation in the

body’s 70,000+ miles of micro-capillaries. To watch a video that documents Bemer’s ability to increase micro-capillary blood flow and to receive copies of the scientific studies that document Bemer’s benefits and the underlying pulsed electro-magnetic frequency technology, email me at:

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