spastic paraparesis??

Q: I have a patient who is progressively becoming paralysed. Her neurologist has diagnosed her with spastic paraparesis. She has no other symptoms except depression. There is a positive lyme test, but so far no treatments have helped her. Any ideas?


Jennifer Reid, N.D.

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A1: This is likely due to a small vessel inflammatory process secondary to Bartonella spp which infects the endothelium and causes lots of neurovascular conditions, including spastic paraparesis, subcortical disconnection syndromes, encephalopathy, and problems with gait, tremors, and peripheral neuropathy.  I’ve personally treated several of these cases among many cases of Bartonellosis.  The Lyme can be false positive in the case of Bartonella.  The antibiotic therapies for Bartonellosis are not mature so it is not possible to comment on that for now.  I’ve seen ACS 200 successfully suppress Bartonella, so maybe that is the best approach to avoid the neurotoxicity of antibiotics in this situation.

I recommend improving blood flow by checking for coagulopathy (Protein C, S, Factor V, Lupus antiocoagulant, anti-phospholipid antibodies, including anti-phosphatidylserine IgG, M, A and anti-cardiolipins IgG, M, A, CRP, fibrinogen) and also, check for inflammatory markers of activity, such as C3a, C4a, CD57 (labcorp).

Use lumbrokinase, Wobenzyme, and even an angiotensin blocker (such as Benicar) to open up arteriolar blood flow.

If the infection and inflammation can be reduced, neuronal recovery may be accelerated by HBOT 1.5 ata.  Also, IV glutathione may be a useful adjunctive therapy.

Be wary not to ascribe improvement to Ceftriaxone if it used – yes, it may help things if there is Lyme, but it also potentiates glutamate receptors and while it allows temporarily improved neuronal function, the effect is not lasting unless the underlying cause is eliminated.

Best wishes,
Bob Mozayeni, MD

A2: Do a Toxic Metal test for Mercury and if elevated chelate the mercury out.  Also, try IV peroxide for LIME.


A3: Any patient of mine would be put on a long term program using Zeolites and ACS Nano silver several times daily. In addition, and for the first three months, I would suggest the daily use of MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) applied according to the suggested therapies of Jim Humble <> . Proper application of the latter is crucial to success, and essential to avoid a major healing crisis which might frighten the patient excessively. Purchase and read Jim Humble’s book before suggesting any mode of application, but I would suggest applying MMS in the proper manner to the point of mild nausea at first, increasing gradually from there. Close monitoring of the patient is essential at first until they feel safe with recommended procedures.

Kit Cain, ND

A4: LDN (low dose naltrexone) puts a check on the immune system by raising endorphin production by 300%, takes care of the lyme and the depression…

Kind regards; Alexander

A5: There is a natural product new to the market that has been extremely successful in many neurological disorders.  It is now being used very extensively in ADD and ADHD as well as autistic children as well, with very good results.  It is marketed as Supreme-B and can be found at  Its mechanisms of action include, but are not limited to the following;

Controls cerebral glucose levels and normalizes serum glucose levels Reverses diabetic neuropathy Reduces pain from nerve impingement and has in many cases reversed motor nerve loss In several cases it has normalized or stabilized abnormal heart beats and increased work potential of COPD patients Increases NCP, (neuronal conduction potential) Increases NCV, (neuronal conduction velocity)

These act in tandem to decrease demylanization and impingement feedback, which encourage normal neuronal function.  Both demylanization and impingement decrease neuronal conduction.  This negative feedback causes muscle spasm, (to stabilize impinged area), and direct nerve pain.  Without this negative neuronal feedback, the pain associated with this demylanization or impingement will be greatly diminished or totally eliminated.
This action is also extremely cardio-protective in its aid to both the cardiac SV node and AV node.  It has been shown in some cases to greatly reduce both arrhythmias and tachycardia.  It may also reduce the likelihood of an electrical cardiac event.

Increased conduction potential and increased conduction velocity results in a decrease in neurotransmitters required.  This in turn prolongs the neuronal response.  We have found that these changes take place rather rapidly, often within 10 days, and often result in return of function in people suffering from neuropathic atrophy.  It has also been found that healing appears to take place in a distal to proximal order.  If the product is discontinued before actual healing has an opportunity to occur, it may result in a slow loss of function back to the original state.  In the original testing it was found that feet and lower back required about three months on the product to produce permanent results.

Increased conduction also results in more complete and better muscle function.  Increased function increases glucose regulation, increases caloric burning and reduction of atypical muscle tonus, which in turn reduce muscle spasm.  Muscle spasm is the most common cause of chronic lower back pain and cervical spasm induced headaches and hypertension.
This product will also increase re-mylanization to damaged nerves tissue, but cause of this damage must be investigated.  The reason for this aspect of the formulation came from the following headline in a medical journal, “Child Diagnosed with Late Mylanization Syndrome and Autism”.  This seems to be quite common..  It also explains why the B 17 is so important to the total formula.  It is being used to chelate heavy metals in conjunction with the synergistic action of the other components.

While its actions on neuronal conduction improvement are important it should also be noted that this product is an extremely effective aldose reductase inhibitor.  This reduces the conversion of galactose to galacticol, (the sugar alcohol of galactose).  It also decreases the conversion of glucose to sorbitol.

Excessive conversion of Glucose to Sorbitol or of Galactose to Galacticol by Aldose Reductase has been implicated in the development of Cataracts.

Excessive endogenous production of Sorbitol (by conversion of endogenous Glucose by the Aldose Reductase enzyme) is responsible for several of the complications associated with Diabetes Mellitus.

This product is an extremely potent inhibitor of 5-alpha reductase.

The following pathways are dependent on the enzyme aldose reductase. Inhibitors of this enzyme have demonstrated efficacy in animal and human models in preventing the development of neuropathy.


Dr. Michael

A6: Marshall Protocol

Thomas F. Pequignot DDS, CCN

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For neuro-Lyme in general: Chinese herbs (TCM) & DMSO, glutathione, and detox (treat dental cavitations). See also

For paralysis in general: PEMF, lasers, acupuncture, TCM. See also

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