Treating trigeminal neuralgia??

Q: Does anyone have any experience with treating trigeminal neuralgia with PEMF or anything else that seems to help?
Marvin Dziabis, M. D.

A1: B12 iv at least 5000mcg to begin with.  Patrick Kingsley MD.

A2: I had success treating a case with homeopathic Hypericum (St John wort) at daily dose of 5 pellets of 6C dilution. Daniel Blodgett MD simple, safe and cheap

A3: Dr, Dziabis: As a member of Dr. Gordon’s Discussion Group, whenever I hear of inquiries about neuropathies I must respond. We have discovered the neuroprotective properties of agmatine (in 1995) and developed it through years of basic research and clinical trials, into a nutraceutical (called Neurofencine) for neuropathies. You may visit our website ( and call me for further info.
Gad Gilad, Ph.D.

A4: Depends upon the cause.  If MRI shows no anatomic impingement such as by tumor, the usual culprit is herpes viral involvement, and UBI works quite well.  I would expect PEMF to reduce the neural sheath swelling rapidly, which must occur before symptoms resolve.  The case I most recently treated with UBI alone and who was told by her neurologist that the only option was surgical transection of the nerve, was horribly symptomatic and had suffered for months, yet was off her Lyrica within 4 days of the UBI (one treatment sufficed).
Scott Nelson, D.O.

A5: Dear Doctor, this can be relieved with UV/O3 IV therapy.
Patti Wooldridge RN, BSN

A6: Dr. Peter Jannetta, a neurosurgeon, has demonstrated through his pioneering work (microvascular decompression – MVD) that TN is a condition related to blood flow issues in the brain stem. He has published a number of articles on the subject. Their immediate success rate as well as long term follow-up is quite impressive. For a conservative, less invasive approach, chiropractors who specialize in Upper Cervical Chiropractic work have shown great effectiveness in helping folks with TN and the results may be tied to a similar mechanism. When the head is even slightly malpositioned over the spine it can cause blood flow issues in the brain stem. An Upper Cervical Chiropractor is trained to analyze and correct the head position. Preliminary research is supporting improved brain stem blood flow with correction of head position through upper cervical chiropractic. There are a few published papers on the subject and scores of anecdotal stories of TN patients being helped or completely restored through the application of upper cervical chiropractic care.,,, & are all good resources with directories. You can also google upper cervical chiropractic for further info.
Robert Kessinger, DC

A7: I am an Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractor and generally get very good results with this. There is a referral list if you google this technique.
John Hejny DC, BCAO

A8: I have heard of amazing recoveries by guys who do cranial treatments.  Be wary though, a doc who does good cranial work is hard to fine,  cranial is like any other manipulation or art form and depends on the practitioner (just like acupuncture-although many  pt’s benefit from acupuncture no matter who the operator is or hypnosis) Jeff Baird DO

A9: I had an interesting experience with TGN which two of us wrote up and published in JMPT.  In this case I recommended a TENS for pain control. A serendipitous event occurred when the patient dropped the unit with the electrodes in place giving himself a maximum burst.  He has been asymptomatic since.
Steve Lumsden, DC, DABCI

a..  “Trigeminal Neuralgia: Sudden and Long-Term Remission with Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation,” Scott W. Thorsen and Steven G. Lumsden, Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, July/Aug., 1997.

A10: I have had success with locating interference fields, often in the mouth. Neural therapy may help.
Robert Rowen

A11: Hi Marvin…
Yes, we treat it with infrared light therapy. Success varies…perhaps half are benefited. For more information about this technology check out this URL:

A12: Things that have worked in the past:  find a Chiropractor that not only adjusts but can also do ultrasound /iontopheresis/ cranial work-SOT/trigger points to the neck, shoulders and mouth—assume pain killer injections don’t work?…
Charles R. Glenn, D.C., NMD

A13: I have had success with frequency specific microcurrent.
Allen Berger DC

A14: Absolutely!  Please read “What Time Tuesday” by James Tomasi.  He describes his twelve year history of Trigeminal Neuralgia as ” the Beast”.  I will gladly send each you and your patient a copy.
Dr. Ben Locklear

A15: I am an RN.I had the same sx; it was Lyme Disease.

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