Treatment to reverse testicular shrinkage in 69 y/o male on testosterone and HCG

Please offer any suggestions re:

69 y/o male on testosterone cypionate IM 1ml/week for at least 10 years.  He is also on HCG 500 IU SQ three times weekly.  This patient has cycled  testosterone and on off multiple times  and used HCG 1000 IU for 10 days when off cycle. He has d/ced testosterone all together for 2-3 months in the past several times  with no change in testicle size.  His testicles have  markedly decreased in size, continuing to get worse.  In addition  semen fluid is almost non existent. He has taken clomid, and has tried multiple OTC remedies with no result. his current supplement attempt, semenex, gives minimal results but better than others.  Also, he claims the testosterone has pretty much lost most of its effect on his libido. Please help, any ideas are welcome.

Thank you in advance

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